WIS:dom®-T (Target Model)

Due to the complex nature and customization ability within WIS:dom®, to request a quote for licensing please email [email protected]. We will respond as quickly as possible to discuss your needs and provide a bespoke quote for licensing WIS:dom®. The Target variant of the model is based upon the Planning model core, with its technical model documentation found here: WIS:dom®-P technical documentation. Documentation on the weather-driven datasets can be found here: VCE® weather-driven dataset documentation.

The WIS:dom® (Weather-Informed energy Systems: for design, operations and markets) optimization target model is the state-of-the-art electricity model developed by Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC (VCE®). It takes granular wind, solar, and dispatch data to optimize the replacement of legacy (or proposed) fossil generation with wind, solar and storage within the local area.

WIS:dom®-T simultaneously co-optimizes the wind, solar, storage and fossil dispatch with market inputs and constraints on transmission interconnection, reliability, and capacity. The model has multiple objective options to search against, for example it can minimizing cost, maximizing profit, maximize VRE share with similar cost to legacy plant, fully replace plant with similar dispatch characteristics and more.

The model relies on publicly available data where possible, and contains default values for generators, transmission, storage, production cost and resource siting. These can be adjusted by the user in the software interface.

Screenshots from WIS:dom®-T

Example of WIS:dom®-T input page. All these inputs can be customized and adjusted to user requirements for their specific use cases.

Example of a WIS:dom®-T scalar output metrics for a replacement of a coal-fired power plant. The choice of outputs can be defined by the user and easily expanded.

Example WIS:dom®-T dispatch outputs for the combined wind, solar, storage and thermal generation that was produced for an optimal replacement of the fossil generation.

The WIS:dom®-T siting output for an example simulation. The left is zoomed out to see that the renewables are sited near the existing plant, and the right is a closer picture of where the solar is placed in relation to the existing plant.

WIS:dom®-T allows the user to run multiple simulations (and batch them), save the inputs and outputs, and compare against all the other simulations. These comparisons are especially useful for Monte-Carlo simulations with pricing or other key uncertainties.


The Weather-Informed energy System: for design, operations and markets optimization (WIS:dom®) model is an extremely versatile software package. In its planning mode (P) it runs as a (mixed integer non-)linear programming algorithm to find the lowest cost market solution for an entire energy system. The tool takes into account all the generator types, electric demand profiles, retirement dates, reserve requirements, costs, transmission planning, weather variables, ramping constraints, fuel restrictions, and much more when computing its decisions. It does all this at very fine granularity. The grid size can be as small as a utility or as large as a continent. If you would like more information contact us here.

Take a look at our WIS:dom® brochure & WIS:dom®-P technical documentation