Wind & Solar Resource Datasets

Due to the complex nature and customization ability within VCE®, to request a quote for licensing please email [email protected]. We will respond as quickly as possible to discuss your needs and provide a bespoke quote for licensing VCE® datasets. Documentation on the weather-driven datasets can be found here: VCE® weather-driven dataset documentation.

We license highly granular wind and solar weather and power datasets for the contiguous United States (and globally). The temporal resolution of the highest granular data is 5-minutely, and the spatial resolution is 3-km. We can provide regional averages, specific sites, numerous sites, and customized siting of wind and solar for power potential assessment.

The highest resolution data spans 2013 through 2020 inclusive at 3-km, 5-minutely. The dataset can include various hub heights for wind (as well as customizable Cp curves and parameters) and different solar panel technologies (as well as tracking, tilt and azimuth position).

We also have the ability to license our longest dataset yet – 175 years of hourly resolution data at 30-km across the entire globe. This is based upon reanalysis input model data and adjusted based upon our high resolution datasets. We can customize this dataset in alignment with the high-resolution dataset.

We have created a climate-stress dataset to be utilized alongside the weather and power datasets to adjust the historical data to new climate scenarios. These datasets augment the other datasets with changes to patterns in the climate that can erode or enhance wind and solar. These are currently based upon CMIP-5 modeling outputs.

All the datasets are designed to be used with grid planning or production cost tools, but are suitable for many use cases. Datasets exist that derive the impact of each grid cell for heat rates of thermal generation, water availability and temperature, transmission line rating impacts, demand changes and forecasts.

Feel free to contact us to determine if we can help provide you with detailed wind and solar power datasets. The cost for a single technology at a single (3-km) site for a single calendar year (at 5-minute temporal resolution) is $50. For the entire contiguous US (~1 million 3-km sites), for a single calendar year with three wind and solar technologies is $90,500 (9.1¢ per grid cell). These costs are based upon internal use only license, not resale or redistribution.

Please contact us for a sample dataset or with questions on licensing our detailed wind and solar datasets ([email protected]).

Visualization of the wind power dataset. Displaying the annual average capacity factors for three hub heights.

Visualization of the solar power dataset. Displaying the annual average capacity factors for three configurations.