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Who we are

Vibrant Clean Energy, LLC (VCE®) was originally founded by Dr Clack (Chris) in 2015 to provide free online wind and solar power forecasts to all. In October 2016, VCE® transitioned to a company with the purpose of pursuing intelligent transformation of the electric and energy system to meet the needs of the 21st century, while still providing power forecasts for wind and solar across North America. At VCE®, we strive to push the envelope and remain at the forefront of system planning, optimization, and modeling to help answer some of the most critical science and policy questions in the field.

VCE® takes the initial expertise, passion, and drive of Dr Clack and focuses on the industry itself to facilitate greater understanding, competition and transition for customers, users and stakeholders.

VCE® recognizes that there is a seismic shift underway within the electric grid of the US and others around the world. We hope to use all our passion and skills to discover new uses for our modeling, forecasting, and co-optimization tools that will usher in a new era of efficient power systems. There are many tenets to such a system; from aiding generator developers to find the best possible locations to build, to market operators who need to know how to expand the transmission grid, or even power forecasting to ease the uncertainty of variable generators that will grow inside lower carbon markets around the world. VCE® can assist with every aspect of these, and is working with clients to fulfill their missions.

We are in the process of growing rapidly, and we have developed software products along with data. The software is protected intellectual property, which means VCE® is the exclusive provider of the products VCE® creates. These products are continually developed and expanded along with new software that addresses new niches within the markets. We will vigorously defend any attempts to infringe on our intellectual property rights as the exclusive entity that can produce derivative work for commercialization. Anyone interested in licensing any of our products should contact us.